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On March 21st 2013, all the pupils in Duncing Media joined together to do a full day of work  Everyone worked on pieces that would be uploaded to the BBC website. Other schools joined the BBC school report and had a day of working on pieces that would be uploaded to BBC WEBSITE. To view this search 


Our Theme for BBC School Report 2013 is:
Scotland in 2013


Scotland's Independence Referendumn


BBC School Report is a programme that gives young people the chance to make real reports for a real audience. Duncanrig is a regular participent in the School Report, and this year a group of students were invited to interview the Chair of the Better Together Campaign, Alistair Darling, and First Minister, Alex Salmond.



This was a great oppurtunity to be given. As we are sixteen, Stephanie, Leigh and myself were invited to discuss an independent Scotland and sixteen year olds having the right to vote. Both parties had a positive opinion on sixteen year olds voting, and it has been declared that sixteen and seventeen year olds will indeed have the right to vote, which is also very exciting.
The BBC made a film about it. Click on the picture below to watch it


Firstly, the pupils interviewed Scotland's First Minister, Alex Salmond. Upon arriving at Bute House, the pupils were welcomed by the First Minister’s household staff and invited to wait in the drawing room whilst the BBC film crew prepared the Cabinet room for the interview. The pupils took time to admire the stylish decoration of the room, from the stunning glass chandelier and mirrored fireplace to the portraits of Robert Burns and John Stuart that hang on the walls. “The house was a lot smaller than I expected, but beautifully furnished,” said S1 pupil David.

"Bute House was amazing!" added fellow S1 pupil Leah  "There were portraits everywhere!"

Shortly after 10am the pupils were shown into the Cabinet room by Mr Salmond’s communications team. “I felt very nervous before the arrival of the First Minister,” admitted David.

Soon afterwards the First Minister arrived to meet the pupils. "I was nervous at first," said S5 pupil Stephanie "However, as soon as the First Minister introduced himself to us, our conversation flowed and my nerves settled. The interview went much better than I thought it would," Stephanie added.

The questions posed by the Duncanrig pupils ranged from the issues at the heart of the independence referendum such as the economy and EU as well as NATO membership, to those which focused on employment, curbing knife crime and the new Curriculum for Excellence qualifications. “Mr Salmond made us feel at ease, and I was able to question him on the effect that independence would have on education, for example on the funding of schools,” David continued.

"Despite the fact Mr Salmond is a politician, he responded very well to our questions and didn't divert from the topic," said S5 pupil Leigh

On a less weighty issue, the First Minister also responded to a question as to what type of school pupil he had been. He told them he ‘loved History’ but was ‘very bad at timekeeping.’

"Meeting the First Minister was a great opportunity and I'm glad I took it," said S5 pupil Holly. " He was very friendly and gave us great answers to our questions. The day was very enjoyable," she added.

The First Minister spent over 45mins responding to the questions posed by the pupils under the eye of the BBC film crew. At the conclusion of filming, the First Minister then spent a further 15minutes sharing snacks, drinks and conversation with the pupils, during which time he also presented the pupils with a signed presentation case of the collected works of Robert Burns, for display back at Duncanrig. Mr Salmond also took time to show the pupils one of his favourite websites on the works of Burns using his own personal tablet computer.

The pupils were then treated to a guided tour of Bute House’s feature rooms by Mr Salmond. He explained to the pupils the reasons why the world-famous portrait of Robert Burns by Alexander Nasmyth hangs in the drawing room of Bute House, on loan from the National Gallery of Scotland. The First Minister then explained why the portraits of all Scotland’s First Ministers to date hang on the staircase walls, and then the story behind a silver tray gifted to Ramsay MacDonald that was signed by a range of foreign dignitaries before the Second World War.

The pupils were accompanied by teachers Mr Gerrard, who has built up Duncanrig Radio and the new Media Centre so successfully over the past few years, and Mr McSherry, Principal Teacher of History and RMPS at Duncanrig. After watching the pupils interview the First Minister, Mr Gerrard said “I was absolutely delighted on the day by our pupils. I have been trying to secure an interview with the First Minister for some time so to finally give the pupils the opportunity to speak to the most important figure in Scotland at present was a fantastic coup. I was expecting the pupils to be given only a very short time with Mr Salmond but they ended up spending over two hours with him and I was really pleased with the quality and maturity of the questions.”

“We are very proud of the way the pupils handled the pressure of interviewing the First Minister,” added Mr McSherry. “They were calm and collected in their questioning, they gave the First Minister their full attention, and were even able to take him to task on one or two of his answers. Mr Salmond clearly enjoyed the experience of meeting the Duncanrig Radio Club and was very generous with his time during and after the interview session. It is a day that will rightly live long in pupils’ memories,” he said.

This point was underlined by Stephanie's concluding comments: "I feel I have learned a lot of things about Scotland and the way it is run, that I didn't already know. The trip was definitely worth waking up at half past five for!"

We met Mr Darling in the BBC building in Endinburgh, and we were happy to be seated in a warm, comfortable room. We revised our questions, and a short script (the interviews would contribute to a short film) while we waited on the former Chancellor of the Exchequer to arrive. When he arrived, we found that he was friendly, and he discussed our school work and highers with us.

Mr Darling answered our questions in detail and provided excellent answers. He left shortly after, and the three of us recorded our questions, and a voice over for the film.

After doing the recording, we went to the mound to film parts of the film. It was cold and wet but we had fun reccording anyway. We had finished making a film with the help of the BBC, and I found this relization rather astounding, because I never thought I would do anything like that.

Overall, the BBC School Report has provided us and our school with some very exciting oppurtunities that will not be forgotton! It was a very enjoyable experience, and I think it is a great programme for kids aged 11-16 to be involved in.

by Holly


The Power of Radio - A Podcast for BBC School Radio


In January 2013 Alix, Abi, Greig, Lauren and Julia got the chance to work with two BBC representatives to work on a special project call the Power of Radio to inspire Primary Children to get involved with the wonderful world of Radio…


Firstly we had multiple meetings with BBC, then we had a whole day of recording and interviewing and having fun, then the BBC edited it and we got a chance to go to the BBC centre in Glasgow and listen to it live stream!

It surprised us all that we had to five hours worth of materials for a twenty minute show and how organised it actually is, rather than just showing up and gabbing a lot. It was also surprising (and frustrating!) how many takes we had to do for one piece or interview.


It took three of us and a professional a half hour to come up with six introduction options to record, but in the end we got there with many fantastic ideas.

We also managed to get two Primary kids up to the studio to interview to see what they liked and disliked about radio.

All in all it was a great day for everyone! As always, everyone was beyond tired but happy nonetheless on the day’s turnout.
Click on the photo to download - The Power of Radio

Student Rory Given Jingle by The Chris Evans

Breakfast Show

Click on the image to view the full story

Being 13 In Scotland 2013

 My name is Garry and i interviewed a group of my friends about what it is like being a 13 year old in Scotland in 2013  for BBC school report.  I asked them 13 questions:

1. What is it like being 13 in 2013?

2-What matters to you?

3-What is it like being scottish in 2013?

4- Do you think Scotland should become independant in 2013?

5-What are your hopes for the future

6- What are the best things about school?

7-What are the worst things about school?

8-Are there any things you dont like about being 13?

9- Who is your best friend and do you think you will be best friends with them in 13 years time?

10-Is being 13 different from when your parents and granparents were 13?

11-What is the most important thing that happened since you turned 13?

12-Did you feel any different when you became a teenager?

13-Do you feel more grown up?




One year on from London 2012.

By Greg

On the 14th of March, 2012, two students from Duncanrig Secondary School were sent to London to report on the Olympic Games and interview, the head of the British Olympic association and four time Olympic gold medallist, Lord Sebastian Coe. Two students from a school in every region in the UK where sent to London to do so. Everyone asked a question, we asked him how Children were getting involved with the Olympics, and then he replied

“We are doing our best to get kids involved, with our partners, including ones from Scotland, teach kids to get involved with sport.”

After the questions were asked we were allowed a one-on-one with him, I was asked to do it. I could not understate how nervous I was feeling, my hands were shaking and afterwards I couldn’t remember anything I just said. I asked him, what Scotland’s role in the games was, he replied:

“Scotland has helped a lot with the games, not only with help manufacturing the merchandise but with some of the greatest athletes in the games like Sir Christopher Hoy.”


The Commonwealth Games

The Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games are on course to be one of the most memorable Commonwealth Games ever. There are 6,500 athletes from 71 countries will compete in  17 sports over 11 days, from the 23rd of July to the 3rd of August 2014. From the high adrenaline of track events to the grace and beauty of Gymnastics. In 2014 Glasgow will be the stage for a summer odf sport.

Most sports will take place on three sites to the East, South and West of the city centre. There are some events that will take place outside of the city - Shooting at Carnoustie, Edinburgh will host diving and Strathclyde Country Park will host Triathlon.

Here are some key dates for your diary;

·         10th of March 2013- 500 days to go!

·         23rd of July 2013- 1 year to go!!

·         16th of August 2013- CDF Genaral Assembly in Glasgow

·         1st of September 2013- Competition of the Hydro- venue for gymnastics!


New music in scotland

Emeli Sande is a scottish pop singer who sang at the olympics opening ceremony. She has 2 main hit singles: Next to me, and Clown. Emile was raised in Alford, Aberdeenshire in Scotland. Emeli has won an amazing 3 brit awards too!!!!!!!!!!!

Louise Quinn, Robert Henderson, Steven Westwater and Bal Cooke, all form an electronic, indie rock band called Quinn. Quinn is the new scottish band and we are sure they will be popular! They have lots of singles one is called Ghosts of War.

Little Eye is a band of 3 people. Some of their songs are called Ruins, Everbetter, burgundy sky, I cant relax and distort the sky. They have even performed at the Hilton in glasgow with X-Factor finalist, Olly Murs!!!!!


School News


Recently, pupils from Duncanrig have been selling sweets, outside the drama studio, to raise money for cancer research.

The small business has been very successful as many pupils are very keen to help out and buy as many sweets as they can in the name of Cancer Research. They have been selling their sumptuous goods for the past week and have been very busy.

Over the years many families have suffered the affects of cancer and it is great chances to for the pupils of Duncanrig to help raise awareness of this very serious issue.

The two pupils that have worked very hard to raise money and we interviewed them both. Her is what Scott Mc Farlane and Jordan Linsey had to say




Comic Relief

In Duncanrig Secondary pupils have been raising a lot of money for comic relief.  In school there has been a staff bleep test which was 50p per ticket, there was also a fun run which took place for s1-s6.  The fun run was 50p and you could run fancy dress.  There was a medal for 1st 2nd and 3rd for the boys and girls.  There was also a prize for the best dressed.


Year of Natural Scotland


Scotland is abundant in flora and fauna. Animal life can be found through out Scotland in a wide range of habitats.


Scotland's habitats support hundreds of species. Some are mainly found in Scotland and others are found all over the world. Some live here all the time and some are visitors. Together they fill Scotland with fascination, many also have an important role in keeping the environment clean and active.

Birds: Puffin

This popular seabird is widely distributed on islands around Scotland's north and west coasts. They are long-lived, but sensitive to changes in the numbers of there Storm petrel:

Amazingly, this little seabird spends almost all of its life out at sea. It only comes to shore to visit its nest, which is located in a burrow, and then only at night..


This beautiful sea duck is a widely distributed breeding species around Scotland.. Mink, foxes and disturbance by g-walkers are all problems faced by nesting eiders in Scotland. Their main prey is shellfish and mussels.

About Scotland's landscapes:

Scotland's landscapes have long been celebrated in paintings, songs and poetry. Our amazing scenery is an inspiring place to live in and to visit, and the image of our unspoilt landscape is important in our tourism, film industry and products known world wide such as whisky.

Tinto Hill Climb

A group of pupils from Duncanrig Secondary school are going to climb Tinto Hill in aid of St Andrews Hospice in May.

Each pupil is aiming to earn a minimum of £30 sponsor money for the Hospice.

Tinto hill is the highest point in central Scotland and is over 1500 feet high. On a clear day, at the peak of Tinto hill, the Lake District and the Mountains of Mourne in Northern Ireland are visible.

Climbing Tinto hill will be a real challenge for the participating pupils and everyone is hoping to raise as much money as possible for this charity.

Everybody, including the teachers, is very excited about the walk and can hardly wait. Although, I don’t think they are that excited about the weather!



Clyde Space:

Clyde Space offers challenging career opportunities that promise real responsibility and the chance to make a difference every day and to be part of a team with a passion for their work. They are committed to attracting talented and skilled individuals who have the drive desire and determination to achieve great things in their career. Clyde Space; recognised as the Galaxy leading innovator and provider of micro spacecraft solutions. From concept through to competition we work with their customers to harness space for new and ambitious applications. Clyde Space's mission is to stimulate growth in the use of micro spacecraft whilst driving technology forward. They have 20 dedicated engineering and support staff. The Company was formed by Craig Clark in 2005.


For all jobs in Sainsbury's you have to be aged 16 and/or over but for some higher jobs like Store Management you have to be 18 or over. Here is an example of what you need to be a Customer Service Assistant:

You have to have experience in checkouts but most important you have to have a courteous and helpful manner, good communication skills and desire to give our customers an enjoyable shopping experience.




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